Vietnam won a rice supply tender to the Philippines on June 5 with an offer of 410.12 USD per tonnes, according to the Philippines’ National Food Authority (NFA).

Accordingly, 150,000 tonnes of 25 percent broken white rice from Vietnam will be shipped to the Philippines on July 15.

Earlier, NFA invited Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam to take part in a bid to supply 250,000 tonnes of rice for the country in accordance with inter-governmental contracts. Cambodia did not attend the event.

NFA Deputy Administration for Marketing Operations Joseph Dela Cruz said Vietnam and Thailand made initial offers of 419.35 and 419 USD per tonne, respectively but the NFA did not accept both as they were higher than the reference price of 410.12 USD per tonne.

In the second round, Thailand declined to give a new price while Vietnam offered a price of 410.12 USD per tonne for only 150,000 tonnes. 

For the remaining 100,000 tonnes, the NFA said it may open a new bidding, in the form of either government to government or international.
Bilateral deals allow the Philippines imports rice from Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia under intergovernmental contracts.

Last year the Philippines imported 1.5 million tonnes of rice.-VNA
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