​Message from Ambassador

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    Dear visitors,

    Our website will introduce to you about a heroic history Vietnam with thousands of years building and retention, with a people more than 90 million people, hardworking, creative labor, heroically in battle, always respectfully and sincerely with international friends under the motto: Vietnam is friend and is a reliable partner, is the responsible member in the international community, with all countries striving for peace, independence and development. You will also see a Vietnam picture renovation and international integration, a country has the interesting nature with a potential tourist market and is safe, attractive destination for visitors from around the world.

    Policy of renovation, Vietnam in 30 years has reached many important achievements on all fields, the material and spiritual life of the people constantly are improving, social safety and order are preserved. Vietnam has set up cooperative relations with most countries and regions in the world, is actively implementing the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation and development, diversification, multilateral relations, active and positive international integration, Vietnam's relations with other countries based on the principles of international law and the Constitutional the UN program, the first is respect for the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, equality, non-interference in each other's internal and mutual benefit.

    Vietnam and Philippines officially established diplomatic relations on July 12th, 1976.

    We hope that the website of the Vietnam embassy in the Philippines will become familiar address of all visitors, who always follow, research the situation of Vietnam, thereby contributing to enhancing mutual understanding and closer cooperation between Vietnam and all over the world, especially the ties between Vietnam and the Philippines. We welcome your help and ideas contributed by you to this website.

    Welcome to Viet Nam!

    Lai Thai Binh



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