Notification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to announce:

"From day 04/01/2015, the Agreement between the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Government of the Republic of Malta on visa exemption for diplomatic passport holders entry into force

Under this Agreement, nationals of one Party carrying diplomatic passports are still valid, including electronic passports if used, are exempt from visa for entry, exit and transit through the territory of the other Party residence time not exceeding 90 days.

Citizens of each party bearing diplomatic passports valid members of diplomatic missions and consular offices of their countries played in the territory of the other Party and the spouses and children of these people passports diplomatic valid entry, exit and residence visa exemption in the other Contracting Party during his term of office. These deals also applies to nationals of a Party as the representative of his country in the international organizations based in the territory of the other Party and the couple, their children diplomatic passports are still valid. "

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